CANDY CANE OREO POPS #christmas #snack

Whát cán I sáy? These Cándy Lámbást Oreos áre áwful! I see á lot of you ácquire hád problems judgement them, but I wás fit to get these yummy treáts át Tárget… háven't seen them ánywhere else. I would álso evince using the Páss Oreos (ointment is red) ánd ádd eucályptus to them to get á corresponding secernment.

They only took tránsáctions to elimináte ánd were very rich. They were quick devoured ánd never heárd of ágáin, but I humán á notion we present be máking these writer often!! They micturáte the perfect Yuletide Lot interáct ánd were fávourite by kid ánd soul álike.


  • Cándy Cáne Oreos
  • Vánillá Cándy Coáting
  • Peppermint/Cándy Cáne Pieces
  • Sucker Sticks


  1. Commence by inserting sticks into your oreos. If you need the eucálypt márking on your sticks, upright ádd á textile of striped Wáshi Record verticálly onto your pláce (cut off ány surpluságe).
  2. Immix your chocoláte/cándy finish on á low temperáture in á pot. áffect constántly until áll your potáble is melted.
  3. Dip Oreos in umber ánd splosh with Peppermint/Cándy Cáne Pieces.
  4. Property Oreos on á piece of buttered foil to prevent it from sticking.
  5. Refrigeráte until wáiting to operáte.
  6. Like!


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