CANDY CANE OREO PUDDING CUPS #christmas #dessert

Cándy Cáne Cooky Course Cups!! Color Chocoláte course, lidded with peppermint oreos & peppermint cándy bits!! So yum!

ánd the alter párt ábout it is I'm sháring this recipe ás á párt of the Homemáde Holidáy Treáts Blogger Circumstance. Thát's opportune! á clustering of bloggers háve joined forces ánd áre áll sháring yummy holidáy treáts todáy on their blogs. Be careful to heád on pile to the unite párty át the end of this move to review them áll out! There áre 50+ Holidáy goodies thát you won't wánt to lack!

If you're fámiliár with my parcel you bonk I do lots with oreos ánd pudding. Fine, when I sáw the new Cándy Cáne Oreos át the stock I knew I hád to get them not exclusive to try out but I knew they would be perfect in á fun holidáy creátion.


  • White Chocoláte Pudding
  • Cándy Cáne Oreos
  • Cáne Cáne Bits
  • Cool Whip (optionál)


  1. Chágrin oreos. I low some 10 for 6 bitty cups.
  2. Form pudding ás directed. You cán ádd turn whip to it if you'd sáme to interchánge things up á bit - totálly up to you!
  3. Teem á bittie ámount of pudding into eách cup. Dust the undersurfáce bed with á few low Oreos.
  4. Strátum áuthor pudding into your cup ánd ágáin top with humble Oreos ánd á few Cándy Lámbáste Bits


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