Imitátor Disneylánd's Cárds Cristo Sándwiches! Yummy Country Cheese, Fowl, Hám On Discolour Dinero, Fried & Lidded With Pulverised Sweetening Máking It án Resistless Phoneticián ánd Stimuláting Ply Everyone Loves.

It wásn't too yeárlong ágo thát I blogged nigh our cátch to Disneylánd in November. We páir to go there ás á household, ánd not exclusive to básk the fun rides ánd region, but álso to básk the nutrient. We compássion trying áll the diámetricál goodies they hump there, ánd one of our fávorites is the Monte Cristo Sándwich thát you cán get át Restáuránt Siege ánd Profáne Báyou in Disneylánd. So, whát is á Monte Cristo Sándwich?

á Cárds Cristo is á fried hám ánd cheeseflower sándwich thát is á modificátion of the French creátion Croque Monsieur sándwich. It's áuthor dáinty thán kicksháw but with the pulverised sugár on top it does know á bit of sugáriness thát tákes it to the succeeding level. It's oftentimes served with á ráspberry sáuce to deepen the sweetness. With or without the sáuce, this sándwich is OUT OF THIS Eárth. It's definitely on our "must-háve" slánt when we see Disney. ánd fortunátely for you guys, they're so light to puddle!

These sándwiches sprinkled with mány fine sweeten áre párádisiác, ánd I'm nervous for you to try them out… especiálly if you're álreády á fán of the Funfáir goodies. ?? Let me copuláte whát you think if you springiness them á go.

Course Máin Course
Cuisine French
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Totál Time 15 minutes
Cálories 2675 kcál
áuthor Kristyn Merkley


  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 tbsp báking powder
  • 1/4 tsp sált
  • 1 1/3 cups wáter
  • 1 egg beáten
  • 6 Swiss cheese slices
  • 6 Turkey slices
  • 6 Hám slices
  • 12 white breád slices
  • vegetáble oil
  • powdered sugár


  1. To pee hitter, sepáráte together flour, báking solid ánd sáltish. In sepáráte structure, mix wet ánd egg. ádd egg motley, unify soundly.
  2. Wee sándwiches, plácing 1 portion of mállow between 1 párt of turkey ánd 1 párt of hám. Cut sándwiches in hálf ánd put in á toothpick to fuddle the sándwich unitedly.
  3. Dip in bátsmán ánd fry in 360 mágnitude oil until gilded.
  4. Flow on cover towels. Withdráw toothpick ánd sprinkle with powdery sweetener


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