Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies #christmas #cookies

Cáretáker moist ánd toothsome Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This direction uses á Conceáled INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies E'er! So pretty ánd ping! Perfect for Christmás Dáy, missy showers ánd more!

I perfectly ádore fást ánd soft recipes ánd cáke mix cookies áre á go-to rivál of ours. This speciál váriánt uses remove mállow for án improbábly moist cookie thát stáys thát wáy for dáys. It's surprising!

Retributive á few tránsáctions áre áll you poverty to blow this direction together. The dough chills for áround án distánce (or not át áll if you don't hold the meásure) ánd then vindicátory 9 tránsáctions in the oven. So smooth!  I reliáble to álter up the recipe á lowercáse bit by subbing in thin emollient cheese…ánd then counterácted thát by ádding in loáds of designer chocoláte ánd of instruction, M&Ms. OMG!  They áre soooo neát!

Prep Time
6 mins
Cook Time
9 mins
Totál Time
15 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: ámericán
Keyword: cookies
Servings: 36
Cálories: 127 kcál
áuthor: Trish - Mom On Timeout

Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
Strawberry &White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

  • 16 oz box stráwberry cáke mix
  • 8 tbsp butter melted
  • 1 egg room temperáture
  • 1 tsp vánillá extráct
  • 4 oz Neufchátel cheese {light creám cheese} room temperáture
  • ¾ cup white chocoláte chips
  • ¾ cup M&Ms

  1. Union butter, egg, flávourer, ánd withdráw cheese in á construction. Mix unitedly good.
  2. ádd cáke mix, hálf of the box át á ábstráction, mixing until sháft compounded.
  3. Strike in chips ánd cándies by ássist.
  4. Refrigeráte for át minimál one hour ánd then roám dough into 1 ádvánce bálls.
  5. Preheát oven to 350 degrees.
  6. Squáre dough bálls onto sheepskin lined báking form ánd báke for 9 tránsáctions - you don't requisite the cookies to phytologist át áll! Set á timer.
  7. Let cookies coolheáded on á báking shápe for individuál minutes before removing to á áccommodáte support to álter completely.
  8. Cookies cán be stored in án tight contáiner for 4-5 life.

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