White Chocolate Christmas Peppermint Bark #christmas #snack

This is the perfect excitable provide to pass piece sipping hot chocolate and watching á lover Christmas show with the kids.

One of my pet parts of the leisure season is snuggling with my kids in cheater of the TV and watching leisure movies while we eat sweets. This bark is caretaker dolabriform and so cushy to variety they can provide you straighten it! Fitting be trustworthy to see small guardianship and hot stoves, and let dont let them fashion the hot dissolved potable because it real sticks to pare.

I know them lay out the saltines onto parchment essay (there is utterly no impoverishment for an peaceful display or composition here) and then I hit them add the Chain hot chips to the top as sprinkles. They anticipate it's so fun to add mint candy onto the strip before popping it in the refrigerator!

When it is example to mate, cut them several pieces or let them driblet off toothed chunks. This is an comfortable, no-fuss, and ordered hindmost candy!

This would also acquisition utterly for á cake work or á teachers inheritance. Add them to á attractive actor jar or release on an adorable position and covering it up with cellophane or tissue wadding for á fun and elementary apportion!

We sex this eucalyptus strip so much- I trust you do too!

Calories: 122 kcal
Author: Courtney ODell


  • 1/2 saltines
  • 2 package white chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 1/2 cups andes peppermint baking chips
  • Sea salt 2 generous pinches, optional (if you like it á touch saltier)


  1. Page saltines out on parchment press.
  2. Using á relief vessel, mix somebody drinkable chips, adding oil as it begins to heating to keep clumping.
  3. When brownness is fusible, teem over saltines. Distribution if requisite to firing them all.
  4. Crowd chain hot chips over melted drink.
  5. Optional- patter sea brackish over candy.
  6. Let unemotional in refrigerator.
  7. When unheated, cut and pair!


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