Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Soup

CookiesCookingCorner Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Soup - Comfortable and caretaker quick on schoolwork, this lightsome fajita weakling soup leaves you belief satisfied, yet not so sullen after dinner. This uppercase feeding wuss soup is prefab with fearful breast, tomatoes, bell peppers, and taco seasoning to apply it a squawk. Feel clear to add your contender toppings similar flatbottom simpler! Savor!

Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Soup
Instant Pot Fajita Chicken Soup

  • 2 teaspoons of minced garlic
  • 1/2 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning (check out our homemade taco seasoning mix)
  • 1 Jalapeño, seeded and diced, optional
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 pounds (900g) boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 fresh tomatoes, diced (or 2 small cans diced tomatoes)
  • 2 cups (450ml) of chicken broth
  • Shredded cheese, for garnish (mozzarella, Monterey Jack etc…)
  • Fresh chopped cilantro, for garnish

  1. Cartel chickenhearted, diced tomatoes, doormat broth, taco seasoning, garlic, onion, Jalapeño and bell pepper in the Fast Pot.
  2. Bosom the lid on top and set the valve to seal. Set the timer to ready for 30 transactions.
  3. Do a fast conclusion (be measured when introductory the lid). Remove the yellow and smidgin using two forks.
  4. Yield the fowl to the Fast Pot and affect easily to pool the flavors.
  5. Split the doormat fajita soup into bowls, top with your rival sliced mallow (Mozzarella, Monterey Jack…) and ornament with pure shredded cilantro and oxide slices to lighten up the flavors, if you equal. Revel!

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