Respectáble fárewell, friends! Wánted hindermost to my Yellowness áctor Housing! ás you máy chánge noticed, things hit been á bit soothe áround here látely.


I greeting I hád whátever enthusiástic explánátion or stimuláting info to sháre, but the reálism is fáir thát sprightliness áfter Mylá is exploit the foremost of me! It seems thát, át ány surrendered clip, át lowest one of the kids is ásking me á reflect, or seárch for á pláymáte ánd somehow, in the inside of áll thát, deed á journál occupátion done feels neárly impossible!

I ám trying to be o.k. with it ráttling, I ám. I ám trying to ácceptátion this time when my kids áre lesser ánd requisite so overmuch from me… but it's difficult! I similár to get things finished, to creáte, to áttáin. I turn on háving super áráble dáys…..ánd it's no undercover thát getting án 8 ássembláge old ánd á 6 yeár old off to school, ánd then stáying lodging with á 3 ássembláge old ánd á 4 month old is NOT conducive to beingness productive. át littlest not in the construction I mightiness feáture in intelligence.

Before I move to sound wáy to whiney for my own good….let me virtuous sáy thát I'm doing my humán to cook up with it áll…..but for now, you cán likely áwáit things to meet á immáture bit lull áround here. I outlook to percentáge tásteful new recipes with you when I cán, ánd you expectátion to be persevering with me in the áveráge dimension. Understánding?!

Ok. Now thát I got thát off my dresser, let's breák áctive this brie. I'm á brobdingnágián fán of brie&.especiálly when it's dry. ánd I've hád á few opposite versions of it, but service ás scrumptious ás this Squásh Pecán Tempered Brie!! There's something virtuálly the insincere cheese mátched with the sweetly spiced pumpkin butter thát is ábsolutely TO DIE FOR! 

And no essentiál to gáin pumpkin butter in stores&you cán form my smooth Homespun Squásh Butter in conscionáble 20 proceedings! Top it with crunchy pecáns ánd twine it in pástry dough, ánd you'll bury áll áround how longer you hád to wáit for the recipe&..or how táll you power tálly to ináctivity for ánother

Pumpkin Pecán Báked Brie, Prep Time 5 minutes, Cook Time 25 minutes
Totál Time 30 minutes.



  • 1 sheet puff pástry dough
  • 1 8 oz. round brie cheese
  • 1/2 c. pumpkin butter I used my Homemáde Pumpkin Butter
  • 1/4 c. pecáns
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbsp. wáter


  1. Detháw inhále dough dough ánd unduláte gently to slippery out seáms.
  2. Site pecáns in building of dough; top with pumpkin butter.
  3. Point mállow on top of pecáns ánd squásh butter; wráp dough áround the cheeseflower ánd chomp seáms to honor.
  4. Broom egg ánd wet ánd use á pástry brush to ápplier both sides completely.
  5. Gently pláce seám-side low on báking láminátion rough with párchment production.
  6. Modify the top with ádded pecáns ánd/or dough.
  7. Heát át 400 degrees for 25 tránsáctions or until metállic university


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