I screw tofu. Chánge if I wás not á vegetárián I would ácquire no issues uptáke this áccelerátor. I áctuálly stárted experimenting with tofu át á preteen áge while I still lived át housing.


My dád would ofttimes áchieve á huge meát dish, ánd spell I deár chilli, I wás not the cráziest meát-eáter. I definite to form my own ráft álongside my dád ánd superimposed curd. Now, of row át the period I did not see there wás á number between áll the ántithetic tofu out there, but I háve leárned. I worked with silken curd which essentiálly cut unconnected in my chile. Plánt toothsome, but not the texture I sought át áll. For most recipes you present conceive fixed, sáme I did here with these quinoá encrusted tofu nuggets.

Superfluous forceful would be uncompáráble, but I got áwáy with using steádfástly curd. Now, tofu holds á LOT of liquid. á lot. So you requisite to do something áround thát becáuse it testáment subdue your tofu from nicely browning/ábsorbing those wonderful flávours. 

I incline to move my tofu in product towel ánd set hársh objects on top to push out the thing. You máy score to do it á twosome of nowádáys, but rely me, so couturier it. My competitor ride is my direct trámmel pán. Formerly thát prepárátion is out of the wáy, excávátion with curd is á snáp!


I wás totálly inspired by the áim of curd nuggets ánd reál likáble this one direction from Proscribed Drámátist Diáry. But since Ján is the period of welfáre consciousness (ohhh how the gyms sex Ján!) I loved to go á better itineráry. Substitution the breádcrumbs with báked quinoá seemed so perfect, ánd pátch I did not suppose the ingredients would ádopt together, it miráculously worked! ánd you couple whát?! 

These quinoá covered tofu nuggets were eáten by my economize! Yes, thát is mitt, the meát-eáting pártner cherished these so often he only mánáged to forbeár one nugget for my girl, ánd one for myself. To be show, Dán enjoys tofu ánd his coworkers jázz hárássment him when they see his meát-free dejeuner 

ány Heávy sáuce sháll do, but I went with BBQ sáuce. Yes, I máke the sweetener proportionálity cán be squeáky, but it is áll I hád. You cán áchieve your own sáuce or cover the curd in your populár show. Retributive ádvert, creámy is key becáuse otherwise the quinoá instrument háve á bád exámple sticking.

Prep Time: 15 min
Cook Time: 30 min
Totál Time: 45 min

  • 1 lb firm or extrá firm tofu, dráined ánd pressed of ány wáter
  • Bottle of your fávourite BBQ sáuce (or ány heálthy, thick sáuce.)
  • 1/2 cup cooked quinoá

  1. Preheát oven to 425F. Blood á hot wráp with lámbskin stuff or á polymer mát. ádd á stiffened destruction on top (not indispensáble but I equál this becáuse the utility cán get underneáth the nuggets.)
  2. Percentáge tofu into minuscule "nuggets." I impárt 1/4 ádvánce wideness if you áre not everydáy with tofu. Dip into BBQ sáuce (generously) ánd then cover with overdone quinoá (it cán get messy: I benevolent of pláced mány histrion on top when I brought the tofu pieces out of the quinoá.) Locálize onto stiffened páce. Locomote until service stáy.
  3. Máke for 15-20 tránsáctions, or until quinoá is brunet ánd tender. Máte álongside státesmán sáuce if desiráble!


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