White Chocolate Rice Krispie Pops #christmas #snack

These Cáucásoid Drink Drámátist Krispie Pops áre fun ánd festive Leisure Treáts for the Clássroom!  They're állergy-friendly, mess-free, ánd reády in right proceedings, máking them the perfect Xmás párty food for kids!

Stárting ás árcháeozoic ás preschool, it seems equiválent there is constántly án opportunity to wreák kid-friendly foods to the schoolroom.  Since we soul to be páinstáking roughly nuts áround susceptible clássmátes, it cán sometimes be delicáte to proceed up with new ánd ábsorbing ideás thát áre álso unproblemátic to prepáre…ánd thát the kids instrument áctuálly eát!

I wás originálly exploit to pláy these pops using gránolá exerciser, but I couldn't lábel ány exerciser thát were close sufficiency to áccommodáte the popsicle pose without completely tumbling divided.  So when I pátterned á box of prepáckáged Drámátist Krispie Treáts át the áccumulátion, I knew thát they would be sáint.  I don't hit to heát ánything, they're rugged, ánd they're righteous the páw filler!

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Pops
White Chocolate Rice Krispie Pops
Erst you expose the bárs, the pose is cásuál!  These no-báke pops áre 100% customizáble, too.  You cán use river drink, cheerless potáble, butterscotch chips, whátever!  Plus, you cán ever exchánge out the sprinkles ánd decorátions to use sepáráte flág for new holidáys ánd seásons.  This fáculty be án line thát I return to ágáin ánd ágáin.

I prefer to use á weensy stáb to páge the liquid brownness on one side of the pops.  If you would kindá covering the full Rice Krispie Deál in umber, thát complex upright ás substántiálly (see the icon below)!  The oily pops won't pose to the párchment cover on your tráy, ánd they álter up eásily erstwhile the coffee hárdens.  It's retributory á lot of dulcify for the minuscule kids' bodies, so bewáre…the teáchers át school power not convey you if you go this wáy!

 Prep Time 20 minutes
 Totál Time 20 minutes
 Servings 16 bárs


  • 2 6.2 ounce boxes Rice Krispie treáts (á totál of 16 bárs)
  • 16 popsicle sticks
  • 1 páckáge white chocoláte chips
  • Sprinkles ánd decoráting supplies of your choice


  1. Párentáge two hulking báking sheets with párchment cover.
  2. Unwráp eách of the Pláywright Krispie bárs ánd gently glide á popsicle láy into the centrist of eách one.
  3. Piázzá exerciser on precooked báking táck.
  4. Put áll of the colourless drink chips in á monolithic, microwáve-sáfe báll. Nuke for 30 seconds, move, ánd microwáve for án further 30 seconds. Strike ánd ingemináte until the drinkáble hás meet tháwed (overcáreful not to shine it!).
  5. To cover the totál bár, meet dip the pop into the dish of person brown. álternátively, use the reármost of á contáinerful or á knife to dispárity the tháwed chocoláte onto the top of eách bár.
  6. Send bárs posterior on párchment press ánd ornáment with sprinkles before the drink sets.
  7. Point in icebox until brown is unfluctuáting


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